Timely Information for Perry Park Residents

More News (continued)

Roundabout News…To learn more about the County’s proposed roundabout in Perry Park, click the following link:  Roundabout Information


Priorities…Beyond the responsibilities inherent in the Perry Park Metropolitan District’s Service Plan, the Metro District Board will focus on the following priorities:

  1. Continue the current slash pick up program for District residents.
  2. Extend the District’s mitigation effort to areas of private property to reinforce the present fire safety buffers of Metro District and National Forest land and to create lines of defense against fires within the District.
  3. Continue to explore solutions to the silting up of the entryway pond and secure funding if a solution is available.
  4. Continue education efforts regarding residents’ responsibility for fire safety and mitigation within the District.
  5. Assure that the District’s roads receive proper maintenance by the County.

County Road Projects…Details of the information available at this time is summarized at board secretary Walt Korinke’s Walts Words Blog: Perry Park Road Proposals

Entryway Pond…The Board is investigating what can be done to restore the pond at the entryway to the park to its original condition.  The pond, probably built in the late 60’s as a retaining basin, has silted in over the years and in time will no longer protect the road in case of severe flooding.  We will also lose an important landscape feature at our entryway.

The approval process is expected to be a lengthy and the Board is working with various government agencies to resolve the issue.   Funds have been allocated in the 2013 budget to begin the process.  We’ll keep you posted.

Topics of General Interest.

Don’t Feed The Animals

Though there is a great attraction in feeding wild animals, every wildlife expert will tell you that you are doing them no favor.  Let nature do the nurturing.

Slash Pick Up

The Metro District sponsors two slash pick ups a year: one in the summer, usually  in July and one in the Fall, usually October.  Materials that will be accepted are tree limbs and other brush, not to exceed 6 inches in diameter, which must be cut in lengths no greater than 8 feet.  Logs of a greater diameter should be cut in 4 foot lengths and stacked separately.  Slash should be placed 6 feet from the edge of the road and in concentrated piles as tall as possible.  Care should be taken not to stack near utilities or any overhead wires or low hanging trees.

The money allocated by the district for these pickups is for the mitigation program. Items that will not be picked up are any landscaping materials, construction materials, grass or pine needles, metal, rocks or any bagged material.

Slash should be placed off the pavement on the roadside no earlier than the month prior to the start of the pickup.  There is a significant fire hazard if brush is allowed to dry out at the roadside.

Mulch Availability

When available, the Metro District offers free mulch during the summer months.  The mulch is derived from grinding up the slash from the residents’ mitigation efforts.  The material is stored at the end of the unpaved section of Perry Park Blvd. in a fenced area.  The mulch is generally available from June to October on each Saturday of the month 8:00am – 12:00am.  A notice is posted on the Metro District sign post at the entrance to the Park.

Vehicle Access to Upper Cheyenne Roads

Upper Cheyenne is a system of undeveloped roads on the southern border of the Park adjoining Pike National Forest.  For that reason it is a favorite hiking area for residents.

Access is limited to hikers and 4-wheel vehicles but generally not ATVs unless street licensed.  To limit vehicle access, the road has been gated.

Gate keys for vehicle access to the Upper Cheyenne area are restricted to owners of property in the Park.  A request for a key must be accompanied by the form below.  Please send to Walt Korinke, 4117 Cheyenne Drive, Larkspur, CO 80118.  Please note the various conditions of permitted accessUpper Cheyenne Visitor Permit.

Road Signs

To maintain the rural look of the Park, residents are requested not to post temporary signs on the County-owned land next to the paved roadway.  This is illegal under County ordinance.  This includes vendor signs, advertising and political signs.  The only exception are signs which advertise homes for sale.  These must not be larger than one square foot.  Residents may however, post any of the above signage on their property.

Ponds and Open Space

The District’s ponds, streams and open space are available for all Park residents to enjoy.  Be certain to take proper caution when on these properties and make sure that the area is not privately owned.  The Open Space Map link shows Metro District Open Space property in red.  The Upper Cheyenne area, though undeveloped, is all private property so hikers are requested to stay on the roads.  Access to Lake Wauconda is generally restricted to members of the country club.


Perry Park has differing (though similar) covenants for each of the original filings.  To determine which covenants apply to your home you need to review the covenant specific to your filing.  Information on the various covenants can be obtained from Mr. Paul Temaat (303-681-9303), coordinator for the various filing architectural committees.


Any zoning questions should be referred to the Douglas County Zoning Board.

Home Owners Association

Though there is no home owners’ association for the single family homes in Perry Park Ranch, the two townhouse complexes have such an association..